Crowdfunding Round-Up – May 17, 2014

Crowdfunding is here to stay and has proven itself as a viable and extremely useful method of funding the development of creative projects.  In an effort to cut through some of the noise, here is a list of some promising games in development looking for funding from the masses.

Will of Flame (IndieGoGo)
By: Noble Weapon Games

“Will of Flame is a frenetic 2D arcade shoot ‘em up with a scoring system that rewards the most spectacular and original kills.”

A bounty hunter is out for revenge and there is a nearly endless supply of ways to exact that dish best served cold. Will of Flame is a side scrolling, shooter currently campaigning on IndieGoGo. Based on the pictures, video, and (best of all!) the demo, the game looks beautiful in a cartoon-y, rather bloody way. Six different worlds and 21 levels; ten different guns and traps to be orchestrated into deadly works of art, which you are, of course rewarded for.

I love games that take simple mechanics and layer them to allow for deeper strategies. Checkout PunchQuest or Outwitters as examples. As such I will be keeping a keen eye on Will of Flame. Bonus points for it having a workable demo! The campaign has 19 days left to reach €38,000 in funding.

The Old City (Kickstarter)
By: Post Mod Softworks

“The Old City is a first person adventure game that deals with philosophical themes in an exploratory way.”

If you have ever played Myst and its sequels and loved them, The Old City will grab your attention as it did mine. This is a game about exploring a beautifully rendered world and putting together the pieces of story left behind. The game is more about philosophy than racking up kills. According to Kickstarter, most of the work is already done; the money being crowdfunded going towards the art and finishing the whole project. If the money is going toward art, I have to say I’m in because the world in the video is just beautiful.

Genre boundaries are meant to be broken and there are more than enough first-person-shooters in existence already, kudos to PostMod for creating a different sort of game and I, for one, will be eagerly awaiting its arrival! The game has 11 more days to reach its goal of $40,000.

Once Upon a Runner (Kickstarter)
By: Salty Pepper Games

“A 2D side-scrolling, level based runner game that follows the story of a young fire mage as she explores 6 fairy tale worlds.”

Endless Runners usually have little to no story. After all, how can you when all you are doing is running?

Once Upon A Runner is looking to change that by incorporating the story of Ella, the fire mage, into the running. What impressed me was the hand drawn cartoons and the style of art work. Some serious care went into the development of this game and it shows. I love a good fairy tale , classic or modern, and Once Upon a Runner looks like it delivers. On top of that add some nice endless running features and I’m clearly hooked. Its no secret I love endless runners and adding to one is bound to catch my attention.

The game is nearly finished and the video lays out where the money is going. Before anyone gets upset over the money going towards admin fees, take a look at what licenses cost and think again. The demo is great fun and provides a clear proof of concept! Once Upon a Runner has 10 more days to raise the remainder of its $5,000 goal.

AxeThrower (Kickstarter)
By: Sneaky Mammoth

“Axethrower is a unique multiplayer game where you have to fight each other using a shared weapon.”

Everyone knows and loves the one screen rumble games – think Super Smash Bros or Toto Temple. But what if the only damage that could be done to other players was through the use of a single weapon which you had to vie for control of? This is the premise of AxeThrower and it is why it grabbed my immediate attention. Up to four players bounce around the screen fighting for control of the Axe which is then used to emaciate each other. Pretty simple at first but looks like a great twist on this classic party genre.

A great demo on the Kickstarter page is a bonus selling point as it shows that the game is coming along. Its goal of €40,000 may be a tad steep but it still has 12 days to go as of today.


There are too many worthy games in development to count but the above is a short-list of games seeking the help of the masses. I personally look forward to play testing all of them and hope to see them succeed!

As always, comments are appreciated and welcome! Additionally, if you are seeking to crowdfund a game, clue us in and we’ll gladly check it out!

About John Burnor

Founder of @indiereverb. Interested in all things indie. Gamer. Start-up enthusiast. Music lover.
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